Portable Bunk House Cabin Manufacturers in Pune, Mumbai, Solapur, Goa, Bangalore

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We manufacturing wide range of Prefabricated Bunk house such as Portable Bunk House Cabin Pune, Industrial Bunk House, Portable Bunk House, Container Type Bunk House etc.

Bunk house cabin accommodation can be designed and manufactured to suit any workforce size and a variety of climatic conditions. Vovnath can also transport the bunkhouses to any remote sites in India.

Shree Balaji modular bunk house and portable accommodation incorporates sleeping space and personal storage for workers in an efficient and attractive self contained facility. The buildings can be designed and manufactured to suit any size of workforce and a variety of climatic conditions, and may be transported to remote sites around the world.


  • Comfortable And Contemporary Self-Contained Units
  • Private Rooms With Shared En-Suite Facilities Provide Comforts Of Home
  • Fully Furnished
  • Range Of Temporary And Permanent Options
  • Easily Reloadable
  • VIP Living Quarters & Management Cabins

These all-inclusive VIP Bunk Houses provide the ideal accommodation arrangement for any remote construction village. A variety of designs are available, incorporating private or shared en-suite bathrooms.

Shree Balaji modular construction allows for our management cabins to be efficiently and cost-effectively expanded or modified, as your project requires.

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