GI Security Guard Cabin

GI Security Guard Cabin

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Dealers of GI Security Guard Cabin in Pune

We Shree Balaji Porta Cabin Pvt. Ltd. are leading manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of GI Security Guard Cabin in Pune. We offer a wide range of GI security guard cabin in Pune that can be customized according to your requirements. We also offer our customers a variety of payment options for their convenience.

We extended our location for our trustworthy customers, and now we provide our services in Mumbai, Solapur, Goa, and Bangalore.

We are engaged in offering a wide range of Gi Security Cabin, GI Portable Security Cabin, Portable Security Cabin, Portable GI Security Cabin, Portable Security Guard Cabin, Security Guard Cabin, Security Portable Cabin, MS Security Cabin Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers in Pune.

GI Security Guard Cabin :

The GI Security Guard Cabin is a perfect solution for any company that needs to provide security services in remote locations. It is a highly versatile and portable cabin that can be used for the following different purposes.

  • Safety: This provides safety to the employees when they are working in remote locations. It has a sturdy frame and its design ensures that it can withstand high winds and other natural disasters.
  • Emergency: The cabin can be used as an emergency shelter if there is an emergency such as earthquake, fire, or flood. Its design also has high-quality windows which ensure visibility from inside the cabin even during dark hours of night or during rainstorms without any obstructions.
  • Protection:It also provides protection against natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, fires, etc., by providing temporary shelter for people to stay safe from these dangers.
  • Surveillance: With its surveillance system installed on the roof of the cabin, it can also be used as a surveillance system.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The cabin is cost-effective because it is made of durable materials and can be assembled at a low cost, with the help of a crane.
  • Occupancy: It also ensures that every person in the area working or visiting can benefit from its design and contents.

GI Security Guard Cabin :

We are the most eminent gi security guard cabin manufacturers, suppliers, dealers in Pune. We offer a wide range of products such as Gi Security Cabin, Gi Portable Security Cabin, Portable Gi Security Cabin, Security Portable Cabin, Gi Security Guard Cabin, Ms Security Cabin, Portable Toilets, Porta Cabins, to our clients across the Country.

Our GI Security Guard Cabin team believes in providing the best customer experience through our product delivery process, which includes customized designs, easy installation and low price with high quality materials and workmanship.

Technical Specifications:

1. Portable Security Cabins

Shape Rectangular
Color White
Built Type Modular
Usage Application Security Room
Features Portable
Material Mild Steel
Is It Folded Non Folded
Surface Finish Colour Coated
Size 4x6x8.6 feet

2. Modular FRP Portable Security Cabin

Color ABue, Grey
Shape Square
Features Comfortable Due To Heat Insulation
Is It Portable Yes
Material FRP
Is It Folded Non Folded
Surface Finish Colour Coated
Size 4x4x7.6 Feet

3. Prefabricated Security Cabin

Usage Application Guard Room
Color White
Shape Square
Built Type Prefab
Material Steel
Is It Folded Non Folded
Size 6 Feet

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