GI Control Panel Cabin

GI Control Panel Cabin

Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers of GI Control Panel Cabin in Pune

We Shree Balaji Porta Cabin Pvt. Ltd. is one of the excellent leading manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of GI Control Panel Cabin in Pune. We offer a wide range of GI control panel cabin in Pune that are reliable, safe, and convenient for our customers.

We extended our location for our trustworthy customers, and now we provide our services in Mumbai, Solapur, Goa, and Bangalore.

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Our Cabin, is a mobile platform that is made up of three parts: the control unit, the workstation and the service truck. The cabin's main function is to provide a safe and secure environment for workers to operate in. It also provides an alternative workspace that allows employees to work without interruptions from outside noise. It also has an integrated computer system that allows for easy monitoring of operations in real time.

GI Control Panel Cabin :

Our GI Control Panel Cabin have been in the business for long years now and has a strong presence in the market with our wide range of products including Portable control panel cabin, GI portable cabin, GI office portable Cabin, prefabricated portable cabin, prefabricated security cabin, GI portable office cabin, GI prefabricated cabin, and more that are available at competitive ranges.

We are the most eminent gi control panel cabin manufacturers, suppliers, dealers in Pune. Our products are available in different sizes, shapes and colors to suit your needs. We offer a wide range of services to cater to your requirements such as installation, repair and maintenance services by highly qualified technicians at competitive prices.


Our GI Control Panel cabin can be used in industries such as: -

  • Manufacturing.
  • Construction
  • Commercial
  • Aerospace
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceuticals, and many more.

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Technical Specifications:

1. Control Panel Container :

Type Prefabricated Control Panel Cabin
Is It Folded Non Folded
Surface Finish Colour Coated
Color White
Built Type Prefab
Usage Application Control Panel Portable Cabin
Material Steel
Shape Rectangular

we're manufacturer of control panel container cabin, like Lab cabin, control panel cabin, pump house cabin, Refrigerator container, Cold Storage Container.

  • Size: 20x10 ft
  • Size: 20x08 ft
  • Size: 40x08 ft
  • Size: 40x10 ft

any size we can manufacture..

2. GI Portable Cabin :

Furnishing Type Fully Furnished
Color White
Shape Square
Features Ground With First Floor
Material GI
Is It Folded Non Folded
Usage/Application Farmhouse
Built Type Modular
Is It Portable Portable
Weather Proof Yes
Size 20x10x8.6 Feet

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